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A Culture-Packed Palau Vacation Explore Our History & culture although we call the islands "Palau," locals proudly use the term "Belau." When Henry Wilson shipwrecked his Antelope in 1783, he found an ancient culture steeped in tradition and living in perfect harmony with nature.

Remnants of this ancient culture can still be found in stone foundations, a natural amphitheater and pillars all over, including a network of old stone paths.



COVE Resort Palau is home to The Hungry Marlin, one of the best restaurants in Palau, offering fresh seafood in a lively waterfront atmosphere. Head here to socialize with friends and family, mingle with fellow resort guests, and satisfy cravings for delicious food and drink.

Just next door, guests can enjoy another option for Palau dining at Drop Off Bar & Grill, another fun spot on the water with fresh seafood and sashimi, pizza, sandwiches, salads and more. There are also many other restaurants in Palau waiting to be explored, serving Indian, seafood, and fresh coffee.



One of the most memorable Koror shopping experiences is picking up storyboards. This traditional art form is one of the most popular cultural exports, consisting of long, wooden carvings that tell an ancient Palauan folktale or legend. They are usually shaped into a crocodile, fish, or other local animals. Many destinations around the country sell storyboards, but the most famous are the Palau Jail Gift Shop, where they are carved by prisoners at the Koror Jail, and the proceeds are sent to their families.


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